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Felix Pedersen Denmark

The 1 project
Five marks.
You make a cross in your calendar or in your schedule to mark here is something very important. Remember that. My crosses are here to remember , that this spot is very important . It is a wonderful peace of nature, so you have to protect that. The 4 elements earth, wind, water and fire are the essence of the ecological world. I added the 5 th element Grand Mother Moon.
The 2 project
Four offerings to nature.
I would like to offer colors to nature, but sometimes human beings are treating nature with pollution. That's why garbage are interfering the objects.

From his earliest intervention, Felix Pedersen has used a social and ecological syntax in his events, installations and actions. His art exists outside the traditional canons of contemporaneity and has a life of its own!Felix Pedersen’s To Nature is an offering to nature of elements from nature… The four “bowls” or “dinner trays” he has made are cut and fit out of simple flat sheets of wood painted white pegs and strings are used to hold the curvilinear forms in place… These bowls are filled with offerings of nature in a votive sense, much as Japanese people will leave offerings or gifts as symbolic gestures to fulfill a variety of events in their lives including birth, marriage, death, and so on… Bamboo sections, old metal materials, kaki fruits.  Underneath each tray are accumulations of stone, of wood, earth, elements from nature that serve as the support base for the forms. Off to one side near a gathering of trees Pedersen has created four crosses representing the four element; earth, air, fire, water. The materials used range from charred wood, earth, thread, and stone.

                                                                                                        John K Grande


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